reSTREAM wireless solutions

About reSTREAM

With long experience of complete multimedia solutions we know that only the finest ingredients makes the best meals. We know that every electronics component is unique, as well as their variations. With our technical background and services at your fingertips we make sure to offer only the best solutions for your needs. 

re-STREAM is a patented brand owned by Eftermontering Karlstad AB, which is the controlling company of 3 subsidiaries operating in Scandinavia. 
Our main focus is online distribution, on requests we however also provide hard- & software such as mobile applications and automotive retrofitting solutions. We work closely with VAG retailers and provide our products for mainly Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, SEAT. The re-STREAM series was born as a brand for wireless connectivity in VAG-cars. With the re-STREAM C2A (wireless CarPlay adapter) we have however expanded further to support even more car-models and are always working to expand the compatibility of the software to support as many models as possible.
Our network of workshops around Scandinavia is available to provide both products and support locally for installation and/or questions. Eftermontering AB are licensed distributors in Scandinavia of other major brands such as ABT sportsline, Alpine, OBDeleven, Kufatec, DanHag…
We welcome both B2B and B2C customers, as well as resellers, to contact us for any type of cooperation outside our current markets. As a reseller we will provide you with softwares and support for the products you choose to distribute. We will also forward any customers contacting us from your region to order directly through your sales channels.

Why choose reSTREAM

By only partnering with leading manufacturers we make sure to always provide high-quality, innovative and performance-driven components and products. Every re-STREAM ® product is developed with world-class manufacturing capabilities to bring you the freedom of automotive infotainment the way you want it. By creating and refining the best solutions for your car, we always deliver up-to-date hard- & software, just to make your decision easier.


Time-consuming work is not always visible.

Components designed for daily use demand stability and performance.

Under the shell is where you will find our pride & experience.

The difference with reSTREAM


Quality chips in our hardware with reassureing experience deliver higher stability.

Why won’t the whole industry use this hardware?
– Higher production-costs means less profit.



re-STEAM is in the business of delivering high quality solutions and we are all about integration with original automotive systems.

We developed the first mediasystems that not only is for entertainment but also communicate with modern car’s CANbus and MOST-systems. This brings a brand new experiance to the original infotainment (product: reSTREAM CAN).

Designed to be future-proof

Our key to integrating reSTREAM to the factory fitted infotainment systems is focusing on our software. We’re keen to underline the importance of future updates for every reSTREAM product. By studying history we learn a lot about our future, that is why we only use proven components to go along with our software. This will be crucial for a long lasting positive user-experience. The components you find in our products are come from the same manufacturers that develop the future self-driving cars (link:

Our experience and knowledge

In the early 21st century we came in contact with Macronix International while developing our first product, reSTREAM DMC.

Macronix International is a AEC certified. The certification of Automotive Electronics Council has also been dealt to BOSE, Harman, Hella, Intel and nVidia and other world-leading manufacturers.

This is where we learned that by developing products with the finest quality components in symbiosis with stable and thoroughly tested  software, is how we are able to achieve perfection. This is what makes our products stand out in a market overflown by replicas.

Embedded software team


Innovating does not stop with one working software.

Our software engineering team focuses on our speciality to debug. These skills require great knowledge in bare-metal coding. We develop all embedded software both linux and RTOS, with no problem too challenging.

With the worlds most prestigious clientele our datacollection is our strength which lets us continue to deliver the best possible software for our products.